Claddagh Bell

f/3.2, 1/20 sec, ISO 800

f/3.2, 1/20 sec, ISO 800

In the spirit of St. Patricks day next week, I spent some time photographing our Irish Makeup Bell.  The tradition behind it is that ringing the bell in the middle of a fight is meant to dispel discord and signal the start of reconciliation between both parties (typically a married couple).  For those who may not know, the claddagh on top symbolizes friendship (hands), loyalty (crown), and love (heart).

This is probably the most reflective subject I’ve tried to shoot yet, and it was a bit more difficult than I was expecting.  Even though I wasn’t using a flash, you can certainly see the glare (and a bit of my reflection) on the bell.  Maybe I should have experimented with different lighting — perhaps some filtered/diffused light?  This shot was taken with sunlight coming in through a glass door behind me.  I think the white balance is off slightly also, but it this one produced the best result out of the programmed settings.  One day I’ll learn how to use Kelvins for more customization . . .

Do you have any ideas on what I could have done differently?

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7 thoughts on “Claddagh Bell

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I never thought of this as macro photography — perhaps I’ll try shooting it again whenever I buy a filter. Thanks for stopping by!

    • A little bit of shine is nice since it’s a metallic object, but something about it just seems off compared to real life. I think using that green background brought out some harsher tones in the bell, but St. Patrick’s Day… Oh well, live and learn!

    • Glad to help! It’s easy to forget that something that’s so familiar to me can still be new and interesting to someone else. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Hi Megan! What a beautiful bell and photo. I’m still new to using my DSLR so I am not sure what could have been done differently but the results you achieved are still great. Thanks so much for sharing them with us this week at The #ClickChicks Photo Challenge…

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